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Extremely hard to make!!  Especially when it is made entirely by hand as Arn does in our Tiverton Studio. It is a labor of love as each ring is exquisitely crafted and  designed for optimum beauty and design. 

Arn chooses not to line his rings with silver or gold and rather to let the beautiful wood grain patterning of the mokume shine through to the inside of the ring.  The integrity of the metal is featured this way and assures that you are getting a quality ring, not a thin sheet of mokume hidden by a liner.  The texture and feel of mokume is something to be treasured. 


~Mokume gane is an ancient metalworking technique in which layers of precious metal are alloyed together with heat and pressure then twisted, carved and forged to create beautiful organic patterns.  The metals we use include gold, silver, copper, platinum and palladium.  

Mokume Gane translates from Japanese as "wood eye metal" which reflects the wood grain patterning admired by the Japanese craftsmen. This rare metal lamination process is similar to damascus and was developed and used by Japanese swordsmiths in the 17th century for the adornment of samurai swords.


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