How do you pronounce mokume gane?

Moh-coo-may Gah-nay

What is mokume gane?

Mokume gane is an ancient Japanese metalworking technique that involves fusing alternating layers of precious metals. Mokume gane roughly translates to “wood eye metal.” The patterns of the metal resemble the patterns seen in woodgrain.

What is a billet?

A billet is a layered stack of metal that has been fused to create a final sheet.

How is the mokume pattern created?

After the metal is fused and flattened, patterns are created by artistically and skillfully carving away the top layers of metal to reveal the underlying layers. Arn is inspired by topography and geology and grew up hiking and skiing in the canyons and valleys of Colorado and he brings this to his mokume work.

Can I get a ring with the same pattern as the one on the website?

Each piece that we make is made by hand and each mokume pattern is unique so no two pieces will look exactly the same.

Some pieces have knots, stratum, liners, and ridges... can I customize these options on any ring ?

Yes! We work to make each ring entirely custom. We can discuss what will work with your design but in most cases you can choose any of these options on your ring !

What are shakudo and shibuichi?

"Mokume Gane" is a Japanese term that can be translated to "Wood Eye Metal". The methods used to make Mokume reference wood grain patterns of eyes, burls, swirls and layers but since they are made from precious metal they are long lasting and incredibly durable. 

Shakudo and Shibuichi are two Japanese alloys that give a lovely range of colors to the metal. "Shakudo" is primarily copper with 3-6% gold alloyed in & "Shibuichi" means one fourth in Japanese and refers to the formula of one part silver to three parts copper. These metals can be patinated into a range of subtle greys and muted shades of blue, green, and brown.

Pictured here is our Mokume Gane Trapezoidal Pendant with Shibuichi Fade .measures 1.5 inches in height, and features a Fade/Incline pattern in 25/75 Shibuichi, 60/40 Shibuichi and silver mokume gane. 

What if I am allergic to a metal?

If you are allergic to any metal just let us know and we can either add a liner to your ring or substitute other metals in place of what you are allergic to.

Does my mokume jewelry have to be etched?

No, but etching can help to make the mokume pattern more visible, especially with subtle color combinations, like 14K palladium white gold and sterling. If you are getting the blaze palette (featuring all gold and no silver), we can’t etch the ring. 

Is the blackened finish permanent?

We oxidize many pieces to bring out more contrast and show the patterns more strongly. Over time, the blackening will wear down and become lighter. And if needed, we're always happy to restore your jewelry to its original condition, you may contact us for refinishing services at any time. 

Is mokume durable?

Mokume is just as durable as any gold or silver ring but just like any solid metal jewelry, mokume will burnish and show wear with the passing of time. How quickly this happens depends on the jewelry type, on the materials used, and on how the jewelry is cared for.

Can mokume rings be resized?

Yes! We are able to resize our rings without creating a new seam and without vastly changing the pattern. 

What metal combinations can I choose from?

Ash - 14k White Gold and Sterling Silver

Flame - 14k Red Gold and Sterling Silver

Spark - 14k Yellow Gold & Sterling Silver

Fire - 14k Red Gold, 14k Yellow Gold, and Sterling Silver

Embers - 14k Red Gold, Palladium, and Sterling Silver

Flare 14k Yellow Gold, Palladium, and Sterling Silver

Smoke  14k White Gold, Palladium, and Sterling SIlver

Blaze 14k Red Gold, 14k Yellow Gold, and 14k White Gold

Firestorm 14k Red Gold, 14 Yellow Gold, and Sterling Silver 

Don’t see a combination you’re interested in? Message us! 

Do you make custom metal combinations?

We do make custom billets for a $500 added fee.


Do you offer engravings?

We do offer engravings for an additional fee. Keep in mind that this will add about a week to your ship date. 

Can I send metal for you to use in the mokume?

You may send in metal for us to use in the mokume. The metal must be sent in and inspected to make sure it can be used properly. 

How long after placing a deposit will I get my ring?

Our standard lead time to make and ship a ring is 6-8 weeks from deposit.

Rings are then shipped using USPS priority with insurance, which requires a signature upon delivery. If you need your ring sooner you may upgrade to our rush delivery service which will get your ring completed and shipped before our typical 8 week time frame. If your ring comes with an engraving, please plan accordingly, the engraving will add a few extra days to your ship time. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes please inquire for international shipping fees. Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. We're not responsible for delays due to customs.