About Arn: Earthships, The Western Slope of Colorado, and a DIY Life

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Arn's lifelong immersion in nature and adventure, his education as an artist, and his years of experience making fine jewelry as both a designer and a master craftsperson all come together in mokume-gane.

Arn received his BFA in Metalsmithing from Montana State University, and his MFA from the University of Hawaii. Then, he worked at Skylight Jewelers in Boston, Massachusetts as a bench jeweler and goldsmith. His Mokume Gane rings and jewelry stand out as superb examples of this ancient art form and as exquisitely elegant examples of modern design.

Arn grew up in the western slopes of Colorado, among a family of mountain climbers, environmentalists, and adventurers. Steeped in the culture of DIY exploration, he and his family entirely constructed the family’s off-the-grid, “Earth Ship” home in the early 90’s (pictured here).

Arn learned at an early age to test the limits of the physical world with his explorations into athletic pursuits: skiing and mountain biking, construction and art-making. Arn is a highly-skilled and proficient multi-media artist that includes a background in glassblowing, ceramics, woodworking and metal smithing. 

Arn is endlessly inspired by the repeating patterns he sees in nature. He has found a particular love for the ring form as it is the most represented image in nature and is ripe with symbolism. Arn works to bring this beauty to his work through his deep appreciation of color and pattern. Arn draws patterns day and night and works with his materials to make the metal represent what he sees in his mind. The process is part alchemy and part engineering, and it seems that Arn is indeed marrying the two. 

It is important to Arn that the ethics of equality and environmental care are attended to within our business and that all of our products are made by hand. Arn strives to deliver a product that will be cherished for many generations to come and that represents the best we can offer aesthetically, materially and design-wise.


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