Choosing a Mokume Ring Width That’s Right for You

Posted by Susan Freda on

Ring width is a very important part of a ring design, and deciding what width will work best for you depends on several different factors. In general, we always suggest going with the widest ring you’re comfortable with for both fit and your own stylistic preference. Wider rings mean more room for patterning! And the same pattern can look different depending on ring width and size, the proportions of the pattern change with these measurements. And tapering is always an option as well! Tapering is a great option for making a wider ring more comfortable and/or aesthetically pleasing. 

The width of rings also plays a part in their fit, as wider bands generally tend to fit a little more snugly than thinner ones, even on the same size finger! With sizing, one of the best ways to help find an accurate fit is to try out sizers or test rings of some sort that are the same width as the ring you are looking to order. 

When deciding between different width options, it can be difficult to imagine what those widths would actually look like on your hand. To help with this, we often suggest that you cut strips of paper to the desired widths and wrap them around your finger to give you a better idea of what those would look like!


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