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We know you have been spending more time closer to home these days and we know you feel the urge to beautify! So do we! Let us help.

Here are a few pieces Sue has recently made for the home and the garden.  Browse the new work and get inspired!  ( Garden Dress   )

And for those of you making commitments and renewing vows, now is the time to design your wedding, celebration, or commitment to your self or your love!  Arn is here to help with the design and creation of your heirloom piece. His work features eco metal, reclaimed and recycled ....and of such quality that it can be passed down for generations to come.  (Wedding Set


Conscious Creativity

We're dedicated to environmentally sound processes to create our ethically sourced jewelry. Each piece is made entirely by hand in our Warren Studio, using no outside manufacturing. We care deeply about preserving our natural resources. 



Aeris Comantem (Copper Blooming Vessel) 

One of Sue's new pieces, available now in our studio! A large sculpture made of hand knitted copper wire, with mesh petal like shapes draping gently from the top opening. 


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