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                 Forged in our Imagination

Arn Krebs Arts is proud to offer forge patterned Mokume. This is a premium pattern as it requires extensive skill and experience to produce. 

All Mokume is patterned using two techniques, carving and forging or a combination of the two. Most Mokume is patterned by twisting and carving or carving alone, very few Mokume artists pattern their Mokume using only forging and Arn Krebs Arts is one of the few!

The forged patterns have several advantages over carved patterns. They are more durable as the pattern runs through the ring and will never change even as the ring wears. Forged patterns also offer the opportunity to book match a mirrored pattern on one ring or make a set of rings which have mirror images. Forging the pattern also offers an insight into the process and our inspiration as the pattern is a record of exactly what has happened to each layer, much like geologic and growth processes are revealed by the eroded shapes and patterns in rock in mountains, valleys and canyons or the grain of wood. Forging the pattern in Mokume also expands the possibilities for patterns exponentially, allowing for different aesthetics and the ability to tap into a thousands year old history of pattern welded and damascus steel patterns. This blend of the old and new anchors us to our roots and allows us to reach our branches for the sky! 

All our rings are made start to finish in our studio and are always solid Mokume, not thin veneer of Mokume over other metal or a thick liner. When you buy one of our rings you can be sure you are getting an heirloom quality piece of jewelry as unique as you are. 

If you would like to commission a new piece or pattern specifically for you, we are always excited to work with you to create your ideal piece of jewelry. We have many patterns and metal combinations available which are not published or represented in our portfolio, and our design philosophy allows us to integrate seamlessly any stones you may want to highlight or include in the design. We strive to create jewelry as meaningful to you as it is to us.

Check out the new site here, complete with customer reviews, a blog, and  all of our latest commissioned wedding and engagement rings. 


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