Men's Mokume Gane Jewelry

"Mokume Gane" translates from Japanese to "woodgrain," referring to the unique patterning that results from a complex process of laminating, fusing, forging and carving into precious metals. 
My pieces are crafted to last and are unlined so the depth and patterns of the Mokume Gane can be seen though and through. My patterns are based on those found in nature and in turn I only use responsibly sourced stones & metals in all of my work.
I am happy to work with you to design something together from scratch, or to create a new version of one of my original ring designs.
For more details on my Mokume Gane patterns and metal combinations, please refer to this guide.
Special wooden ring boxes are also available as a shipping option and can be added on as an item in your cart during checkout.
Please contact me with any questions.