How to Find Your Ring Size

Posted by Susan Freda on

Sizing is such a crucial component of creating (and purchasing) rings. However, often times it can be a confusing and tricky process, especially for those not used to wearing rings! Many are not aware of how a ring should actually fit, but we’re here to help. Sizing is an art and not a science, but Arn has some tips to make it a little easier to figure out.

A properly fit ring should go on easily, and for removal require 2-3 seconds of gentle pulling while rocking over the knuckle. You want to bend the knuckle  and work the ring over it, rather than keeping your finger straight and trying to pull it straight off. The ring should feel snug, but not painful or cutting off circulation while on. We have a video here for reference of Arn demonstrating with his own Mokume Gane wedding band that he wears every day. 

Something important to keep in mind is that if you aren’t used to wearing rings, the feeling takes time to get used to, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that your ring isn’t the correct size! We always recommend trying to wear the ring as consistently as possible for at least a few weeks before going through with resizing, especially if it feels like only a minor adjustment would be necessary. And finger size can actually fluctuate easily due to a number of factors (salt, heat, cold, hydration, etc), so it’s best to see how the ring fits overall in your day to day life. 


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