Our Most Popular Mokume Patterns

Posted by Susan Freda on

Woodgrain (left) and Twist (right)

All mokume patterns are achieved by one of two processes; carving or forging. Guri Bori mokume requires the most involved carving, resulting in a ring that has recesses or layers that resemble topography. Other carved patterns include the woodgrain pattern, twist pattern, and the droplet pattern. Forged patterns include vortex, flow, echo, labyrinth, infinity, metamorphic, as well as others.

Our two most Popular patterns of Arns are the "Woodgrain" and the "Twist" pattern.  The term "Woodgrain" is also synonymous with the word mokume which translates roughly from Japanese to "wood eye metal". 

We have created this side by side comparison to help see the differences in these two patterns across our most popular palette Firestorm ( 14kt red gold, 14kt yellow gold, palladium and sterling silver). 

You will see the the twist pattern has a diagonal orientation with fine lines running across it.  The woodgrain is more of a horizontal orientation with figured areas or islands as we call them. 



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