Choosing A Palette

Posted by Susan Freda on

We offer several options for metal combination palettes, and any of them could be the perfect choice for your beautiful custom piece! An important element to consider when making your selection is the different levels of contrasts of the palettes. Some are more subtle than others, and it just depends on your preference and the look you want for your ring! 
To offer some loose guidance for you, we’ve created this scale to show all of our palettes side by side and the range of contrast between them. All the palettes here are shown in the satin finish so you can see what the palettes look like with no additional assistance from etching or oxidizing. 
We also want you to keep in mind that all of our product shots are done professionally on a pure white backdrop with full lighting, and as with any type of physical item, colors look different in various lighting and environments. We do try to represent the colors in the rings as accurately as possible, but do want to emphasize the differences between a photo and the naked eye. 


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