Shibuichi! Affordable Mokume Gane!

Posted by Arn Krebs on

Arn has been experimenting in the studio to bring a low cost alternative to our mokume line for our customers who might need something more affordable in these tough times. 
He has cast and fabricated sheet stock of a traditional Japanese alloy of silver and copper called Shibuichi. Because of the silver content it won't etch away over time as copper typically does when laminated in a Mokume Gane billet. It is an EXTENSIVE Process! Just because it's copper and silver doesn't mean it's not a lot of work. We thought you would like to see the process and have attached process photos below of ALL THE STEPS! 
  This special alloy will allow our customers to have a low cost high quality alternative to typical Mokume Gane because there is no gold or palladium in these rings. We have named this metal combination "shadow" as this palette is lovely silver & grey tones and as always are made with Arn's gorgeous and unique patterns and amazing workmanship. If your budget and tastes allow you can add a red or yellow gold stratum layer, ridge line, or rails to create a color pop. The options are endlessness as we are one of the few Mokume Gane artist who create every ring custom every time. Let us know what you are interested in and choose your patterns and size for a custom quote ! 


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