To Oxidize or Not to Oxidize Your Mokume Gane Ring?

Posted by Susan Freda on

We offer a few different options for the finish of your mokume gane ring, and each offers a different look and quality. One of these options is oxidation, where the silver layers in a ring are darkened to increase the contrast between the metal colors! It’s great for those who want a bold, high contrast look, and makes the patterning stand out more. However, there are some things to keep in mind if you decide you would like this finish, because while the beauty of mokume jewelry is that it is incredibly long lasting and low maintenance, this particular finish does require a little bit of upkeep. It’s a surface treatment, so it will wear off with time, though how long it lasts can vary widely depending upon your daily lifestyle and your body chemistry. 

We also always recommend going with an etched and oxidized finish rather than just oxidized. The etching doesn’t make the oxidation permanent, but it does a lot to help it stick around longer (and it also helps add even more contrast to the mokume patterning, so it’s a win-win)! Etching makes the silver layers in the ring sit lower from the surface providing some wear protection, without this the oxidation will wear off very quickly. 

Not to worry though, there are options to renew your oxidized finish and keep it looking fresh when the surface treatment wears off! You can use Liver of Sulfur gel (just follow the instructions on the container, and we can point you toward what to buy if needed). Or you can send your ring back to us for re-oxidation and we’ll get your ring looking good as new! 


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