What Metals Are used in Mokume Gane?

Posted by Arn Krebs on

We offer two, three, and four stock metal combinations that use 14kt Yellow Gold, 14kt Red Gold, 14kt White Gold, Sterling Silver, and Palladium. My Mokume Gane jewelry involves any combination of these five metals, as the listings will picture. Custom combinations, or upgrades like 18k gold, can be done for an additional fee.

Any piece with Sterling Silver can also receive an oxidized finish, which is a surface treatment that darkens/blackens the silver. This treatment will wear off, but you can oxidize your own Mokume Gane jewelry at home and there are instructions on how to do this at the bottom of this guide.

Please note that we do not offer copper in our metal combinations. As much as we would like to offer copper in our metal palettes, copper unfortunately corrodes rapidly. A common occurrence you might’ve noticed after wearing copper jewelry is a green stain on your skin. Unfortunately, mixing copper and silver will cause the destruction of your ring and we want them to last you a lifetime!

All of my metals are responsibly sourced.

All of this info and more can be found on our guide page : https://www.susanfredastudios.com/pages/about-mokume-gane


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