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Hello Friends,

It’s been a bit since I sent an update on my art and jewelry, and what’s been happening in the studio over the past year and a half. I thought now would be a good time!

When the pandemic hit, I used the time to manage my, and my husband Arns, growing mokume gane jewelry business. I also began planting gardens, got chickens, a dog, and basically held down the fort with our son.

It was a big shift for me to not be in the studio everyday using my hands. This was the first time I’ve taken a sculpture-making hiatus since 1996!

With galleries closed and the world on hold, I made a pivot into slowing the creation of new pieces for the deeper work of exploring new inspirations. It's been a refreshing break and has given me time to reconnect to what I love: nature, the cosmos, the people I love, and art.

As things start to pick up and the world grinds back into gear, I have lower inventory as my older work is gradually selling out. I’m seeing higher prices on materials, and have found that I love working on commissions!

Although I have decided to keep working with a few select galleries and have a few shows planned, I’m finding that less is more! If you're looking for a gallery and contact list, just ask and I will point you in the right direction based on your location. I'll also keep you posted on my upcoming exhibitions in my next newsletter.

My "Available In The Studios" collection is up to date and shows works that are currently available and not commissioned with any galleries. Check out the list here: https://www.susanfredastudios.com/collections/featured-sculpture

I’m currently working on a lehenga (Indian Skirt with blouse and veil) commission. I have some process photos here to show the steps….this is an exciting project with its variations on the dress and reference to Indian Fashion. The trim and edging will be out of this world!

If you are interested in commissioning a piece or seeing new art explorations that I am embarking on please reach out and start a dialogue with me. New works as of 2021 are not yet available for sale (but sneak peeks are always an option.)

Another great way to see what’s cooking is to check out my Instagram account, where it’s all messy all the time. I am currently booked with commissions through January, so please plan ahead and let's have a discussion as early as you are able.

All my best,



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