Affordable Mokume Gane? Read on & Stay posted!

Posted by Arn Krebs on

Because mokume gane is made from precious metals such as silver, gold, and palladium and because it involves a crazy amount of skill, labor and's pricey! 

Arn is working hard on metallurgical recipes as of late....trying to find something that won't eat away over time ( because of copper content) and that will be less costly than gold and silver while still having contrasting layers, colors and beautiful patterns. 

I anyone can do it Arn can! If you are feeling the pinch right now and are looking to keep costs down without sacrificing beauty and quality on your weddings rings, then be in touch with us! We are soon to introduce some more options for our amazing customers. 

Stay tuned!

The Team at Arn Krebs Mokume


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